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Great therapy looks like this

April 23, 2020

Your therapist knows you, digs your personality and understands what makes you tick.

Your therapist listens to what you want to create in your life and everything you do in therapy supports your best life

Your therapist works with you to make therapy fun.  The topics of discussion, activities and ideas include things you are interested in.

Your therapist discusses the successes and challenges you have in your own environment and adapts therapy to support this.

You feel safe with your therapist as they know how to connect with you. The help create spaces where you can be yourself.

Your therapist sets you up for success.  20% of the work is challenging or novel but 80% aimed at giving you a sense of success and feels familiar.

Your therapists measure progress and your satisfaction against your therapy goals.

Your therapist meets you for therapy wherever you feel most comfortable. We often do therapy in the most novel places! The park, sitting beside someone in the back seat of a car, while walking around the block, at a café.

Your therapist has strategies to assist your independence. They also know that your important people contribute A LOT to your success. They have ideas to train your whole team, guide your parents and friends, give strategies and tools to your kindy, school, day program or place of work and get everyone on board in your mission to thrive.

Your therapist works with you to match things you learn in sessions to real life.

Your therapist gives you information in a way that supports you and your important people to remember what you did, what worked well, and what to practice between sessions.