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A young child playing with toys at an occupational therapy appointment In Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

April 23, 2020

Occupational therapy is about helping people participate in the activities or “occupations” that are important to them.

For a young child, the main activity is play! Children learn about themselves and their world through play, so it’s a very important job for a little person!! When a child has developmental challenges, they may have difficulties using their body, thinking about different things to do or find it tricky to stay calm and focused while they play.

Occupational therapists (OTs) work alongside parents to enable children’s play skills so they can do their best learning.

For a school-aged child, school is one of the main activities. OTs can help with the skills needed to sit and learn, access communication, write, join in and transition between tasks and places.

OTs can also help children of all ages join in with other important things, like going to the toilet, getting dressed and eating.

For adults, OTs can help with skills needed for working, getting out and about and looking after themselves. An OT may change parts of the activity to make it easier for a person to join in; or think about strategies and equipment that helps someone be more involved.

People often call Occupational Therapists enablers!

Mamre has Occupational Therapists within the Allied Health team who work with young kids, older children and adults.

So if you’re still asking yourself “what is occupational therapy?” Feel free to read more about it here.